Location of Gibson Lake/Gibson Power Plant/

Duke Energy (Cinergy/PSI) Gibson Generating Station

Map 1 - Lake Gibson can be seen near the center of the first map three miles south of Mount Carmel and nine miles west of Princeton. It is 21 miles south of Vincennes and 26 miles north of Evansville.

Map 2 - From U.S. 41 drive west eight miles on SR 64 almost to East Mount Carmel and White River. (Lake Gibson is not shown on this map.)

Map 3 - Turn off SR 64 onto CR 965 W and continue south on CR 975 W about a mile. See http://www.indianaaudubon.org/guide/sites/gibslake.htm for information about access! (Lake Gibson is not shown on this map.)

Map 1 - width=85 mi
Map 2 - width=14 mi
Map 3 - width=6.7 mi